The phases of the project
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Before even thinking about possible project ideas, you and your team need to know that you are taking the first step in a long process. You are drawing a map of an unknown area. You will explore this territory once your project is approved, but once that happens, the journey begins. Here are the phases of the project:

Here’s a checklist of things to do for each stage, so you don’t forget anything important! Print it out and don’t miss a single important element of the project cycle! We think you’re now ready to start preparing your first project!

Register on the Erasmus+ project platform and obtain an OID number

Before you fill in the application form for the first time, there are two very important things you need to do:

Register on the organisations portal to get the OID number you and your partners will need to complete the application

Check that all your partners are registered on the platform, because you will need their OID number

How to register on the platform? It’s a very simple procedure, you will need a laptop, internet, your organisation’s main details and your statute.

The person authorised to represent your organisation will enter all the necessary information about your organisation into the organisation’s registration system on the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platforms. Once you are on the platform, click on the register button in the right-hand corner of the website and follow the instructions if your organisation is not already registered.

To avoid multiple registrations of the same organisation, use the search function available to identify similar organisations before starting the registration process. This will help you decide whether you can use an existing organisation identifier within a web application form or whether you need to register your organisation for the first time. For more details, see How to search for organisations. If you find multiple matches to your organisation details, ask your colleague within your organisation for guidance on which one to choose. If any PIC/organisation identifier is linked to an ECHE code, it will be identified as a matching organisation for further use in web applications.

Please have your organisation’s legal details and information about the scheme to hand. You can check the information required for registration in the documentation for the call for proposals. You must register your organisation before submitting your application form. Once you have provided all the information required to register your organisation, you will be given a unique organisation ID. This organisation identifier can be used immediately to apply for decentralised actions (i.e. KA1 and KA2, which are applied through the National Agencies) while it is awaiting certification by the relevant National Agency.