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For educational activities, as mentioned above, one of the most effective methods is the use of role-playing games. You can create real-life scenarios based on the project theme and act them out with the participants. Suppose you have a mobility on employment and employability. You want the participants to recognise the qualities that employers take into account when they hire someone, because they need to have these qualities in order to stand out in the labour market. What better way to do this than by setting up a fictitious situation with the employer and the employee as the two main actors?

Choose 3 participants to act as employers and tell them what occupation they are recruiting.

Randomly assign 3 different jobs to the remaining group and explain their This will result in 3 employers and 3 groups.

Ask employers to leave the room and think about what competences are needed for the jobs in.

Ask the participants to think about their own competences (personal and professional) and write them.

Prepare 6 chairs in the corners of the room where the interview can take place (2+2+2).

Call the employers back to the room, ask them to sit in their chairs and assign the appropriate job group to each.

Each employee lines up in front of the employers and has 5 minutes to convince them that they are the best candidate for the employers then select the candidate they would like to hire for the job and list the reasons. This is followed by a group discussion, where the group can write on the board or on a piece of paper the most important features they have identified during the game. They can also give feedback and voice their.