Reflection at the end of the day
About Lesson

The organisation of reflection sessions is an essential part of all Erasmus+ activities. It is recommended that you do this daily, either in the morning when you discuss the previous day’s events or in the evening when you reflect on the day’s experiences. There are many methods of reflection, as they are an important part of identifying and internalising the learning outcomes of the project. They are also a practical tool for organisers, as they can get continuous feedback at every step of the project, so they can correct or adjust the flawed pieces and evaluate the preparation and implementation throughout the process.

There are also self-reflection methods that participants can carry out individually, such as the Letter to self method or the Diary, which are widely used. Then there are group reflections, which come in all shapes and sizes. Let me share our favourite: the live dart board.

The organisers prepare statements on the level of satisfaction of the participants, the impact of each session of the day, the intensity of the work done by the participants, the percentage of progress towards specific learning goals, and more!

Participants are asked to stand in a circle and mark the centre with any object, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a reference

The facilitator/trainer reads the statement aloud and the participants move according to their opinion. If they agree, they move closer to the subject, if they disagree, they move further (Tip: it is recommended to use a spacious room for this so that participants do not feel restricted in expressing their opinions.)