How to build your programme of activities?
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The activity plan is an essential part of the application, even if it is an annex that must be submitted at the end of the application process. It should not be left to the very end, as it has a great deal to do with the general information that needs to be provided in the application form.

While the activity plan for small-scale partnerships and youth participation activities may vary as they include several activities over time, youth exchanges and mobility projects for youth workers usually consist of one or two mobility activities and are therefore easier to plan. Good news: there is a template for youth and youth workers’ mobilities that you just have to fill in! The not so good news is that you need to know how to fill it in, and it can require a lot of preparatory work.

These will vary greatly depending on the topic and approach to mobility, but you can find some guidelines and methodologies on the ProjectMeOut website to make sure you don’t get lost if you are just starting your Erasmus+ journey.

Idea: What are your favourite activities? What do you think makes a youth exchange/training an unforgettable experience?