Analaysis of the experience of the exercises
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The most important part of any training exercise is the post-evaluation, when the group reflects on the experience after the exercise. For the ex-post evaluation, we usually use a learning cycle based on Kolb’s learning model, which distinguishes four main phases. The first phase is the description of the experience, where the participants are asked to share their feelings about the activity and the processes they observed during the activity. The second phase is called analysis. In this phase, participants are asked to analyse the process, the context and the results obtained. The third stage is generalisation. This is the moment when participants compare the experience they have just had with their previous experiences in everyday life. Based on the comparison, general conclusions are drawn, such as insights about teamwork.

The last stage, the application, is the most important. Here, we ask participants how they will apply the experience they have gained on the traineeship and similar experiences in the past when they return from the training. Specifically, we look at how they will deal with situations similar to the exercise when they encounter them in their daily lives.

Use open questions, follow a structure, observe what happens with the group, and you’ll quickly get to the questions and evaluation!